Transition March For Science Chicago into a new, sustainable group: The United Sciences of Chicago.
With such a young and successful brand established, a rebrand was not ideal. However, in order to sustain our programs and establish ourselves locally, it had to be done. 
We stuck by two principles:
• The genesis of the brand must be formed from the alternative designs, colors, and fonts of March For Science Chicago
• The redesign would be a transition, not a switch
The name echoes a slogan we utilized throughout the march: The United Sciences of America. 
It evokes unity and science, while staying true to its core of civic pride and duty. The associated inverted stars and bars pulled from the signs that were displayed across the March. The accentuated scrawl of the brand name evokes the handwritten signs of our tens of thousands of supporters.
It wasn't starting from zero, but there was a lot at risk. The "glitch" was inspired by our transition: a sudden/quick shift, revered in its own manner. A "glitch" is technical in nature and messy, so we leaned into it. Fading the new logo in over the course of a few months. 
The effect: a familiar feel, responsive as ever audience, a new digital media series and a sold-out kick-off event. 
Chapter 1: The Conflict Science Creates For Itself
Two people sitting down to drive the narrative of science forward.
Conversations For Science, as a series, is designed to pull from familiar and popularized modern digital while keeping an driven, forward momentum in beat and pacing. 
• Through killer b-roll, gorgeous time lapses, handheld vlogging, and upbeat music, CFS replicates familiar aspects of modern digital multimedia formats including vlogging, YouTube jump editing, and color schemes.
• The series is established as a platform for two people, regardless of their knowledge of science, to sit down and have a nuanced conversation about how to help. 
• A carry-over of the "Glitch" transition of MFSChi to USCIOChicago
Through producing content that feels both wholly unique, due to Chicago's gorgeous city-scapes, but wholly familiar in content style, Conversations For Science is a platform that both draws audiences attention, the 20 minute pilot episode drew more than 4,000 views in twelve hours, and gives them a purpose to engage. It allows science to be nuanced, highlights the communal aspect of it, and provides actions that followers can take in their daily lives to help drive the narrative forward themselves. 
The color palette of Conversations For Science
The teaser trailer for Conversations For Science
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