Comprehensive climate control, effortless operation
Rheaply is an early stage (Series A) Chicago-based startup tackling visibility gaps in inventory and asset management through an open marketplace exchange. Rooted in the Circular Economy, our goal was to bring forward stories of people of supply chain and procurement to the forefront of our brand through
• Minimal design with room to breath

Most users' of HVAC and Water drives aren't experts in the products themselves (though, there are a good many who are). Showcasing plain clothed individuals easily utilizing the product, with 3D systems replicating the processes that those in the industry recognize, we aimed to create the next generation of approachable experts in green technology. 
Through successful customer case studies, including those in other industries, and engaging how-to videos that utilized clever film techniques to teach and keep the attention span of target audiences, we displayed the breadth and capabilities of a massive global operation that cared for its local customers. 
Product photography art direction
How-to photography art direction
Marketing collateral creative direction
Promotional photography creative direction
3D model art direction and image design
Customer case collateral and video creative direction
How-to video series creative and art direction 
How-to video animated gif image design and creative direction
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