Flyer design with Beth Voigt
Science is civic, Chicago
In our brand and design strategy, we aimed to accomplish two goals: 
• Further the mission of shortening the distance between science and our Chicago community
• Invoke a civic pride in Chicago science; we wanted people to associate their love of Chicago with their love of science
The Chicago blues and reds in our designs, highlighted punchy and action oriented copy with bold lettering, bold iconography. Part and parcel to being part of a national movement meant that our brand was alive. We used it to our advantage: breaking brand in every exciting way we could to create a living, breathing design much like our movement. A number of designers spun their own variation 
The results were a dynamic and engaging brand that lent itself to blitzkrieg marketing campaigns, merchandise, flyers and stickers, social networks and digital multimedia. Then, on April 22, 2017, more than 60,000 people showed up to support our mission. It was the largest documented satellite march in the largest documented science event in human history. 
Sticker design with Alex Shoup
Facebook cover and profile photos 
Web design with Alex Shoup and Jon Arme
Sign and slogan with Julia Kuo
Poster design with Julia Kuo, full suite of eCommerce Merchandise at Threadless
Pins with Beth Voigt
Notebooks with designs by 2046 and Alex Shoup, full suite of eCommerce Merchandise at Threadless
Sign collaboration with Counter Type
The result: 60,000 people marching and more than 60 science organizations holding conversations about science and the work they do for our communities.
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