Becoming a startup founder is an extraordinary act.
1871, a Chicago institution, from a co-working space into a community built for founders that creates meaningful and impactful experiences while they build extraordinary startups. 
The newly built brand:
• Modernized the retro look of 1871, holding true to its roots but establishing a new path for its future
• Created an inspirational aesthetic that spoke to all founders through its raw and unpolished elements integrated alongside clean and minimalist designs
• Introduced design elements inspired by the Great Chicago Fire, the circular experience of founders, mentors, and resources, and the astrophysics analogies behind launching and scaling companies 
• Was built for founders upon the foundation that our community was one made of many
1871 is Chicago's digital technology hub and an institution. It is the #1 Ranked Private Incubator in the World. My work with my team and our agency, Flowspoke, revitalized the aging 1871 brand. Initially designed as a space that exciting things happened in, our mission was to showcase the organization's experiences for founders building extraordinary businesses.
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